Crossing the Great Sahara Desert Solo Expedition

West to East Africa 15,000 KM Adventure

Special and Different
  • For those doers and believers in the last great adventures and explorations, it is my understanding that this trip has not been attempted before by a solo unsupported Motorcycle!!
  • Special – There will be points of interest to explore – for real- different geological structures, what appears to be man made structures in the Desert, unchartered volcanic canyons and ancient lava tubes
  • True expedition

  • Motorcycle: Honda XR 600 R -1990 
  • Adventure Rider : Tamer Adel
  • Motorcycle will be shipped from the Netherlands to the crossing port of Tarifa in Spain—where the ride starts.
  • Crossing Morocco's Atlas mountains directly to the desert plains towards Mauritania
  • Starting from the cost of Mauritania’s Atlantic Ocean in the west crossing through:    
  •    Mali
  •    Niger
  •    Chad and end the trip in Port Sudan, Sudan on the cost of the Red Sea 
•Will endeavor to go through unchartered landscape reaching landmark destinations along the crossing

•Landmark destination will include, The Mineral Train, Chinguetti Old Kingdom, Richat Structure (the Eye of the Sahara) , Great Dunes Passage, Nema, Timbuktu, Kidal, Agadez, Air mountains Niger, Tenere Desert, Tibesti Mountains, Ounianga lakes

•Endeavor to climp Air mountains in Niger, Emi Koussi—highest peak in Sahara and in Tibesti mountains 3,445 meters (11,302 ft) altitude,

•Explore various volcanic peaks, round structures, closed canyons and local content through trekking using navigation and local guides

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