Your Dream Trip!!

Planning your dream trip and need advice on preparing, we are happy to help!

Not only that we can help you in selecting the right motorcycle and the right gear, we can also support you during your trip. Remember you only need the WILL to do the trip everything else is secondary.

As said, if there is a will, there is a way.


Bike Preparation:

Why do you need to prepare?  For a start, some stock motorcycles are not prepared for extended long range daily use. I am not only talking about the fuel and luggage - you will obviously think of those - but think of shocks or the chassis for example. Stock shocks are a compromise. Designed to suit a wide range of riders including yourself. Now, you are going to add luggage to your bike, you gained/ lost a bit of weight, you are travelling with your partner, and the extended travel time spent sitting on the bike. All this will add strains on your shocks that will directly influence your bike handling.
You got the point. You need to prepare for the trip and arrange for different parts and settings. Enter Overland Adventure, we can advise on what parts you need for the exact trip without having to carry too much or too little. What are the right products for you? help you navigate through the maze to come up with the best quality parts that does not fail you on the way.

Trip Support:

You are all set! You are on the road twisting and turning coming out of the turn and accelerating and the wind blowing happily in your face, looking at this magnificent scenery on the side and enjoying yourself to the fullest, then you hear a bit of rattle from the bike – sorry to wake you up wink– you park and you check it out, a flat tyre, problem with the chain or any other, I really don’t want to go further with all problems that could happen. You can fix it on site or through a local mechanic but need a part. Enter Overland Adventure second scene! Call, sent us an email and we will sent you the part wherever you are on this plant.

Bike Building:

You have the idea and don’t know how to do it or need ideas on building your bike or just busy. We can help. From plug and play solutions to fabrications and hard installations including chassis enforcement and work. The result is an expedition ready bike ready for overland adventuring.

Remember – The WILL
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